black shabbat May 26, 2023

hello all,
sneaking this in before lights out—

black shabbat 5.26.23

Here is the rundown—if so inclined, let me know you’re listening, perhaps after your shabbat repast, as the cares of the day fall away, though not far:

Bill Orcutt, guitar—“In a Column of Air”—from the new album Jump On It

Mary Halvorson and Jon Dieterich, guitars—“Lace Cap”—from 2019’s a tangle of stars

Brand new from David Lord, guitars—“Wood Nymph”—the album is Forest Standards Vol. 3 with Chad Taylor, drums; Christine Tavolacci, flutes; David Tranchina, bass; Nate Hubbard, vibraphone, marimba

An old friend who I rarely see, Michael Chorney, guitar, and Dara Lyn, viola—“Athens” from the new The Melodia of Freeway Clyde

New from bassist Mark Dresser—“Epitine”—read on Bandcamp about what he is doing and how his bass is set up for extended technique and sonic expansion—the album is Tines for Change

Zsofia Boros, guitar—from 2023 recording  El ultimo aliento—“Tormenta de ilusión”—incredible touch

“Minha Ciranda”—Fabiano Nasciemento, guitar, with Airto Moreira and Kana Shimanuki—2015’s Dança do tempo

New from Cyro Baptista—“Perigo na Area”—the new album Chama

Tom Zé from 1976—“Mã”—the album is Estudando o samba

“Swim, Swim”—Ben Lamar Gay from 2018’s Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun

Adrian Quesada—“Hielo Seco”—from 2022’s Boleros Psicodelicoswith Marc Ribot and Money Mark

“Black Gold”—Phil Upchurch, from Upchurch, 1969—written, arranged and conducted by Charles Stepney—with Donny Hathaway, Louis Satterfield, Morris Jennings, Bobby Christian, and the James Mack Singers

“Walk With Me”—one of the hits from Tumi Mogorosi’s Group Theory: Black Music, 2022

“Ra”—The John Betsch Society, Earth Blossom, 1974 on the Strata-East label—John Betsch, drums; Billy Puett, reeds; Bob Holmes, keyboards; Ed Williams, bass

We move to this last song with a small leap of faith from what precedes it above—this one is on repeat over here, new from Meshell Ndegeocello—“The 5th Dimension” from not yet fully released The Omnichord Real Book—a lot of good ghosts in this music, among them to these ears Prince and NPG

I continue to pretend to be a form of degenerative AI by manually scraping non-copyrighted words from internet threads and on my own prompt stringing them together, with human edits:

tonight I am holding
a massively misinformed temper tantrum
because the same story
lots of deaths before
lots of deaths now
lots of deaths later
proves the day gossamer
I run a blitz
terrorize us all night then
show up with the sun
a perfect darling little angel
we exchange exhausted looks
for a sec horrified at what
I just put us through

& this morning I need super clear
guidance when it is sorely lacking
I worry about this
I worry about that
I make a list of worries
I wrote it on my phone
that is why I can’t put
the thing down I might need
to write something in a flash
isn’t that how inspiration works
isn’t that what cold hard fury sounds like
either way it is a comfort
flying every day into the future
on a magic blanket of rare earth
though the experience often leaves
everyone feeling so agro
that we demand repair or else
I think I will burn
something down & someone up
this might be the necessary repair
I seek or the seas uprising
I am so here for it
or money-bag hyenas eating
each other for lunch
I am here for that too
I’d happily die in a fight against
the highly credentialed meritocratic elite
bring their very big brains
to my very beautiful & resolute
desk & their thoughtless husks too
_____ would like a word