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Custom food and drink menus

We work with quality, local, seasonal ingredients to make dishes (and cocktails) that are clean and flavorful, and have immense digital appeal.  We develop the menus for your event with you, based on what you like to eat and drink, any dietary needs, and the season. We try our best to utilize produce grown locally, though it may well be grown with non-local water that has been recovered from fracking operations. Meat, fish, and poultry are thoughtfully selected but not always organic. We prefer to cook plants. Many of our ingredients come to us through lunatic food systems that are utterly unsustainable.

Some sample menus

Janna 50th birthday

cocktail party
75 guests
February 2019

custom cocktail
“paloma five-0”:
serrano chile, mezcal, grapefruit, agave, soda
Scholium Project “Naucratis” verdelho
Bernard Vallette “Quatre Saisons” gamay
figueroa red lager
leffe blonde

little gem, radish, snap pea, koji vinagrette, dulse
spice-rubbed shrimp, red pepper relish
crostini, burrata, braised chard, pine nut aillade
endive, crab, tangerine, chervil
caramelized onion tart, oyster mushroom, zest

Nat + Jessica wedding rehearsal

30 guests
October 2019

full bar
Folk Machine pinot noir
Swick chenin blanc
Audebert et fils rosé
Allagash white ale

radish, cucumber, koji, dulse in gem leaf
crostini with fennel compote, white anchovy
shrimp, shishito, gokujang aioli

melon, tomato, cucumber, mint, red curry vinaigrette
baby broccoli, ginger, white miso
noodles, green onion, cabbage, chile de arbol
duck leg, roasted bok choy, turnip
whole fish, celery, fermented black bean

chocolate hazelnut cake, poached pear, mascarpone whip

Jon + Montana wedding

cocktail reception with heavy appetizers/small plates
80 guests
October 2019

Domaine du Mortier “Le Petit Vadrouille” cab franc
Saveurs Julien “les Pirouettes” sylvaner/auxerrois
Lagunitas IPA
Stella Artois

cheeses: ossau-iraty, incavolata, forme d’ambert, red witch

cucumber, hamachi, habanero, ginger
crostini, burrata, prosciutto, fig jam
mushroom tart
lamb meatball, zhoug

small plates:
short rib, celery root purée, horseradish creme fraiche
roasted cauliflower, freekeh, sultana agrodolce
grouper, wilted chicories, black olive, kumquat

donuts + coffee

Swell Creative holiday party

40 guests
December 2019

full bar
Domaine Plageoles “Bro’cool” braucol
Domaine Berioles tressaille
Ommegang “Rare Vos” amber
Allagash White

pork belly, mustard, radish, fennel
red endive, shaved asparagus, shallot, asiago
duck breast skewer, roasted cherry, watercress

gem hearts, dill, creme fraiche, caper, bottarga
turnip, carrot, cucumber, watercress, white miso
fine young broccoli, romesco, hazelnut
lamb ribs, roasted red pepper, cucumber, wild arugula, dukkah
roast pork collar, cherry tomato, haricot, fried barley

blood orange upside-down cake, whip, pistachio

Aesop cosmetics staff party

55 guests
June 2019

j. brix “rougerou” carignan
Binner riesling

beet, cucumber, feta skewer with green olive tapenade
gokujang braised short rib, pickled radish, lettuce
hamachi, fresno chile, ginger, rice crisp

vieux cru du cremiers
house rye crackers

lettuces, turnip, snap pea, seared wild mushroom, roasted lemon vinaigrette
farro, roasted cauliflower, feta, pepitas, dill
oil-poached halibut, french lentil, fennel


Jonathan B + David T test tasting menu

8 guests
November 2019

biscuit, leek jam, togarashi
deviled egg, bocquerone, herbs
gems, fennel, persimmon caesar
linguine, preserved lemon, garlic, chile, bottarga
miso-roasted kubocha, savoy cabbage, saffron tomato, walnut
hanger steak, sherried cippoline onion, mizuna
pear + blackberry upsidedown cake

elysian dishes

Some Sample Cocktails


mezcal, spiced rum, ancho reyes, horchata, soda

orange fall

bourbon, amaro angeleno, maple, sumac, orange bitters

dog star man

gin, fino sherry, fennel syrup, passion fruit, lemon, cinnamon

prop 7

reposado tequila, ginger shrub, lime, agave


cachaca, plantation pineapple rum, cherimoya, aloe liquor,
lemon, honey

our sour

rye, lemon, egg white, cherry heering, peychaud’s bitters

smoke coast

mezcal, loquat, campari, lime, agave, sea salt